Together we will create a better world for girls and women by ending period poverty.

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    Eiko La Boria 

    Founder/Executive Director

    Eiko is a writer born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. She created The Flow Initiative after discovering that period poverty isn’t solely a problem in developing countries.  She believes that ending period poverty must work in collaboration with menstrual equity in all restrooms and education in all classrooms in New Jersey.  Over a decade ago while in Los Angeles, Eiko wrote about sexual harassment and assaults, now known as MeToo and TimesUp;  when the topic was still considered taboo and untouchable.

    FUN FACT 1: She was a WGAE East/Columbia University Screenwriting Fellow.

    FUN FACT 2: She is a relative of Puerto Rican Poet, Juan Boria. 

    Collaborators in this initiative include:

    1. Cynthia Vazquez & The Rotary Club of Jersey City
    2. New Jersey City University 
    3. Action 21  
    4. Amigas 
    5. Women Rising 
    6. Councilman Michael Yun 
    7. Arlington Juniorettes 





    The Flow Initiative identified a need for educating the Jersey City community about period poverty, a lack of access to period products and providing access of period products to the most vulnerable. We answered the calling to address this issue and fight for menstrual equity. There was a need for nonprofit work in this area, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions. We've consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community and the collaboration with The Rotary Club of Jersey City. The Flow Initiative plans to continue to expand in Jersey City, Hudson County,  New Jersey and throughout the United States.

    The Flow Initiative conducted a survey with the exact demographic that we want to help. Below are some of our findings: 

    The Flow Initiative Statistical Survey: Experiences in Period Poverty of 100 Jersey City High School Girls.

    1. 28% have missed school because of a lack of menstrual products.  
    2. 90% have needed menstrual products while in school.  
    3. 76% have had a menstrual accident while in school.
    4. 86% believe that a lack of period products affects a girl’s confidence and her ability to focus and  learn. 





    • Protect all girls, women, and menstruators from a lack of access to period products. 
    • Eradicate the stigma, shame and humiliation associated with period poverty. 
    • Obtain menstrual equity by ensuring that all bathrooms are equipped with the needs of the female biology; including all private, public, municipal, and  government bathrooms.
    • Develop a period product access plan for all students by ensuring schools have period product dispensaries and  open emergency period product distribution centers throughout the city.
    • Enact community programs to teach about menstruation and promote self care, self love, emotional intelligence, and confidence building for girls of all ages. 
    • Develop new technologies to ensure that that the most vulnerable have access to period products, including the homeless, low-income girls and women, artists, veterans, sex workers, and at-risk youth. 
    • Quit repeating thousands of years of history of ignoring periods and as a civilized society,  finally normalize it. 

    Special Thanks to The Rotary Club of Jersey City


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